We make natural products for a healthier lifestyle.  Eryka has made her family's skin care products for years, because of concerns over ingredients like aluminum (in antiperspirant/deodorants) and DEET (in bug repellants, and other unpronounceable unknown things that seem to be in so many health/hygiene products).  She is always learning more about plants and how to use them.  The first Emu Hemp product, CBD Balm #9, is the result of years of making creams and potions out of plants.  


None of our products contain: artificial ingredients, solvent derived CBD, synthetic fragrance or colors, or synthetic CBD/CBD isolate. 


And they never will! We believe that Full/Broad spectrum CBD is the way to go, getting the maximum benefit from the whole plant, and that's what we use in all of our products.


We make CBD Rich Oil by infusing high CBD Hemp Flowers into Organic Coconut Oil, and we make extracts using heat and pressure from flowers and kief.  Simple, straightforward, clean and honest. These oils and extracts work synergistically with other plants, oils, and natural ingredients in our products.  


We hope to one day also have packaging that is hemp derived and totally biodegradable.  We are aiming to get our own 3rd party lab testing done on our oils and extracts before 2020.  We have 3rd party lab reports (chemical analysis) on all of the legal, licensed, US grown Hemp we use.  All the Hemp we use is grown sustainably without pesticides, but it is not "certified" organic. We currently work with several small US farms, but eventually, we plant to grow our own hemp!


We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!


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Welcome to

Emu Hemp LLC


Emu Hemp LLC is a small business based in Red Bank, New Jersey and Baltimore, Maryland.  Emu Hemp was founded in 2019 by sisters Eryka (hemp) and Rachel (Emu).  Together, they operate Emu Hemp, creating and distributing high quality, all natural, legal CBD skin care products.

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